Deadline for abstract submission: March 5, 2023
First is required to submit an abstract of your paper, which will be evaluated.
Abstract template: ABSTRACT TEMPLATE.

The abstracts will be evaluated by editors and will be recommended for publication according to the article’s topic, having the option to publish in several journals or proceedings. 
After abstract acceptance please download proper template for each publication: 

– For Proceeding – see here 

For other publication in extended version:  

– For Archives of Metallurgy and Materials – download AMM Template
– For European Journal of Materials Science and Engineering – download : EJMSE template
– For International Journal of Conservation Science – download : IJCS template

– For MDPI – see instructions for authors on the MDPI website: click here.

Deadline for full paper submission: April 5, 2023

All the papers will follow peer-reviewing prior publication. 

Please select appropriate contact and send the manuscript via email:
All authors must provide manuscript in template format and also to submit the abstract using abstract template.

Contact for Europe, America & Africa Contact for Asia, Australia & Pacific
Dr.Eng. Andrei Victor SANDU Dr. Eng. Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri ABDULLAH
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, SIM Universiti Malaysia Perlis, CEGeoGTech and
Funding body:
Romanian Inventors Forum (FIR)
Funding body:
Malaysian Research & Innovation Society

Within 48 hours from manuscript receipt you will receive confirmation of registration.