Euroinvent GRAND PRIZE

The Youngest Inventor Award
The Woman Inventor Award
The Oldest Inventor Award
The Green Environment Award
The Medicine Award
The Best Design Award
The Exquisite Award
The Best Design Award
The AgroFuture Prize
The CyberLife Award
Special Prize

Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal

Prize of Organisers

Prize of Romanian Institutions



Prize of IFIA
Prize of WIIPA
Prize of Croatia – Savez Inovatora Zagreba
Prize of Malaysia – Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Prize of Taiwan
Prize of Turkish Inventors Association (TUMMIAD)
Prize of Indonesia – INNOPA
Prize of Canada & Korea
Prize of Poland – Eurobusiness Haller
Prize of Poland – SPWIR
Prize of Moldova – AGEPI Chisinau
Prize of Moldova – Academy of Science
Prize of Moldova – University of Moldova
Prize of other International delegates