Registration closed! See you in 2025

We accept:
– patented inventions,
– patent applications,
– MSc, PhD or other research projects.

The International Jury will evaluate all registrations and will award Diplomas, Medals and Prizes.

Same project or invention can’t be presented twice at EUROINVENT. It will not be evaluated! 

All the inventions and research details will be published in EUROINVENT Catalogue (with ISSN). Official language: ENGLISH.

Please contact the coordinator for price details. The space will be set according to number of registrations and required space.

All payments should be done to: Romanian Inventors Forum (Forumul Inventatorilor Romani) after the confirmation of registration.

Details for Payment:
Account owner: Forumul Inventatorilor Romani
Address: Sf. P. Movila 3, Iasi, Romania
Fiscal code : 15950343
Bank: BRD – Groupe Société Générale, Brench Iasi
Bank Address: Bd. A. Panu 2, Iasi, Romania
(EUR) Account: RO19 BRDE 240S V306 7680 2400
(RON) Account: RO74 BRDE 240S V235 3553 2400

Registration CLOSED 

TO REGISTER – Please fill Invention or research registration form (one table for each entry) and send it to: euroinvent [at]
<< POSTER file is also required for registration!!! >>

[ Invention/innovation registration form ] 

for article submission go to
[ ]

please fill the [ document ] and send it to euroinvent [at] with title Book registration.

specialized workshops will be organised during the event.


Novelty, Usefulness, Design, Low cost, Social and economic impact, Market opportunities etc.

If the inventions is evaluated by Jury and receives a medal, the author can procure on request additional medals, if multiple authors are on invention. 

See here photos from EUROINVENT 2023

(only for on-site events)

The posters will be printed by the organiser on triangular totems (H210cm, L70cm).
Poster design is free – up to you. Maximum size 70×100 cm or A1 – vertical/portrait.
Please send posters until 25 April 2024 in order to be printed on totems.

File types: PDF or JPG/PNG/TIFF (300DPI) only are accepted. 

Examples of exhibition space:

Inventions & project classification

1. Environment – Pollution Control
2. Energy and sustainable development
3. Agriculture and Food Industry
4. Medicine – Health Care – Cosmetics
5. Industrial and laboratory equipments

6. Mechanical Engineering – Metallurgy
7. Buildings and Materials
8. Aviation, car industry and transportation
9. Chemical and Textile Industry
10. Information Technology and Communication

11. Printing and advertising
12. Safety, protection and rescue of people
13. Sports, Games and Leisure
14. Other
X. Innovative Research